Dr Peter Attia Quack

My blood vitamin d levels were low. i am not one for quack cures, and there is hard study-supported evidence that d supplementation will mitigate statin side effects (myalgia), among other positive things. dr. peter attia has a great 10 part series on cholesterol called ” the straight dope on cholesterol.” he discusses this very thing.

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Dear dr. sigurdsson, i am a 71 yr. old male and have been lucky not to have hight blood pressure, and no diabetes,but both of my parents did have it. i have total body weight of 146 lbs. on my recent visit to my dr. my test total cholesterol is 170. triglycerides 55, hdl 68, ldl (direct)82, and vldl 11, also hdl risk factor is 2.5, which is low..